Are you investing on the right side of history?

PRESS COMMENT In response to the IPCC Working Group III report on the need to dramatically increase investment in renewable energy to mitigate climate change:             Julia Groves, managing director of Trillion Fund, the renewable … Continue reading


Falling solar costs create global renewable energy growth

Global investment in renewables falls as installation costs go down and clean tech takes a larger chunk of worldwide electricity generation.



UK is now in the ‘Gigawatt Club’ for large-scale solar

The UK has joined the group of countries globally which produce 1 Gigawatt of solar power.


Saving the planet doesn’t need to cost the earth, says IPCC

The latest IPCC report stresses the importance of further investment in renewables from governments.



Albion signs up to equity deal with Trillion Fund

For immediate release: Albion signs up to equity deal with Trillion Fund to take renewable energy crowdfunding to the next level [London, April 11 2014] Albion, the creative business partner for entrepreneurs has taken an equity share in Trillion Fund, … Continue reading

Victory for savers looking for better tax-free returns

New ISA status for P2P lending will open doors for savers and businesses, says Julia Groves