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It will be ordinary savers that suffer the most from the Carbon Bubble

What’s the biggest threat to your life savings you have never heard of?


MPs and economists raise fears over carbon bubble threat

MPs warn of the impending risk of the carbon bubble.

Black bubbles

Britain in the dark over fossil fuel investment risk

A national survey has found that 82% of the British public either haven’t heard of or are unclear of the meaning of the ‘Carbon Bubble’


Can divestment really work?

Bill McKibben and his team at 350.org have done something that at one point it seemed inconceivable the environmental movement would ever do again. He has revived and reframed the climate change conversation into something clear, tangible and unavoidably urgent. … Continue reading


Norwegian pension fund divests from ‘financially worthless’ fossil fuel firms

Storebrand, a major Norwegian pension fund and life insurance firm, has divested from 19 fossil fuel companies to ensure “long-term stable returns” – as these stocks, it says, will be “worthless financially” in the future.


Reducing your exposure to the carbon asset bubble

You are probably investing more in the fossil fuel economy now than you were two years ago. And whether you know it or not, you have likely increased your personal exposure to the carbon asset bubble over the same period. … Continue reading

Renewsable: Renewables go mainstream

To anyone working in renewable energy, warnings of its imminent demise have become a constant background hum. But this week saw signs of exactly the opposite: that renewable energy is becoming a vital and integrated part of our world.

Renewsable: "carbon bubble" alarm could prompt re-think among fossil fuel investors

Have we solved the energy and financial crises yet? Not quite, but we’re getting there. This week, we’ve seen the rumblings of disquiet growing ever louder and reaching increasingly high places.