Warwickshire solar-powered hospitals

by Community Energy Warwickshire Ltd
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About the project

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Leamington Spa Hospital system

For the proposed 50kWp system at Leamington Spa Hospital, the Society decided to use Maxeon panels manufactured in France by SunPower Corporation.

Although they have a higher initial cost than conventional solar panels, Maxeon ones generate more electricity per square metre of surface area. This gives a more compact array for a given size of system, enabling to install the 50kWp system despite limitations on roof space. Independent tests indicate that these panels perform better than standard ones in low light conditions and their performance declines more slowly. 

The contract for the design, supply and installation was awarded to Stratford Energy Solutions Ltd.

Warwick system

Construction of the new building will not be completed until mid-2014 and the South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust has undertaken to meet the cost of preparatory works to enable the solar PV system to be installed. 

The system will use conventional panels manufactured by Winaico, an international company with headquarters in Taiwan.  The coontract for the design, supply and installation has been awarded to Eco2Solar Ltd. This company was responsible for the installation of Phase 1 of the Solar-powered Hospitals project.

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