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The purpose of the project is to generate electricity from solar PV panels which will displace electricity that would otherwise come from fossil fuels. Some electricity will be used by the buildings on which the solar panels are mounted and the surplus will be fed into the grid.

Six community buildings have been chosen as suitable host buildings, with installations ranging from 4kW to 21kW. The Co-operative will generate revenue from the sale of electricity and receive income from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). A projected annual surplus over expenses will enable it to pay interest payments to members. It is intended that this lifetime will be 20 years based on the term of the FIT payment.

All sites that have been surveyed have:

- Roofs facing within 30 degrees of south

- Completed structural surveys for the roofs, which are deemed to be suitable for PV

- No significant shading issues

- A three phase supply and Western Power Distribution have indicated that the capacities proposed are permissible

- Energy Performance Certificates

- Pre-registered with Ofgem in June 2013 to obtain a preferential FiT rate

- Completed relevant property searches

- Lease negotiations which are reaching completion on each site. No installation will go ahead without the Lease being signed.

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