Deepbridge Renewable Energy EIS

by Deepbridge Advisors Ltd

Signed off by Sapia Partners LLP

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Deepridge intends to achieve technology diversification through investing in "Investee Companies" operating renewable energy projects reliant on different (but proven) technologies, including but not limited to solar, wind and biomass.

Investment criteria            

The Deepbridge team will invest in a portfolio of companies that will build and operate renewable energy generation projects on UK sites. The principal selection criteria include:                            

• Attractive subsidies: The UK Government offers attractive subsidies to the renewable energy sector, including FITs, RHI and ROCs.

• No planning risk: Investments will be made in installations with all the necessary permissions in place, providing a known cost base for the investment.

• Proven technology: the use of proven renewable energy technologies that allow levels of energy production to be forecast with a good level of accuracy.

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