Triodos Renewables Share Issue 2014

by Triodos Renewables PLC

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About the project

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Triodos Renewables has an operational portfolio of 10 wind farms and a hydro-electric project. A further four wind farms are due to commence generation over the coming 12 months, raising the generating capacity to 61.5MW.

Wind and hydro power were chosen because they are mature, established renewable technologies which provide proven financial returns.

The company operates a variety of commercial scale turbines, ranging from two 500kW turbines at its hydro-electric site in Scotland to a single 2.75MW wind turbine on the coast in Lowestoft. Most of the wind turbines are rated between 2MW and 2.5MW as they tend to provide the most cost-effective renewable energy generation within planning guidelines.

Triodos Renewables has built relationships with a variety of major turbine manufacturers to both supply and then maintain their turbines on a contractual basis. This ensures the company is not tied into any one supply chain and can assess the ever-evolving options and prices as it continues to grow its portfolio.


Guide to wind power

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Guide to hydro power

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