Frequently Asked Questions

June 2016

Why has Trillion launched Your Brand Crowdfunding?

Trillion spotted a gap in the market for business-to-business, white label crowdfunding service and launched Your Brand Crowdfunding in response to this identified need shortly after choosing to end its sole focus on renewable energy project fund raises, the viability of which was severely affected by reductions to subsidies in summer 2015.

What is Your Brand Crowdfunding?

A white-label, loans-based crowdfunding service that enables medium-sized businesses to add a platform to their own websites and borrow directly from their own crowd of customers/ potential investors.

What is Trillion now?

The platform will be used to support the marketing of some crowdfunds operating through Your Brand Crowdfunding that are suitable to Trillion's audience of renewable energy and alternative finance enthusiasts. Trillion will list these as they go live and may support the raises through social media and in the newsletter as an additional service to Your Brand Crowdfunding customers.

I have invested in projects on the platform, have I lost money?

No. Trillion is managing its existing loan book - E2 Energy, E5 Energy and The Converging World - as beforeYour loan agreement is with the borrower, and you continue to be paid interest by the borrower and will have capital repaid at the end of the term. Trillion continues to manage these payments on behalf of the borrowers and lenders. 

If I have had interest payments made from a loan on, how do I request a withdrawal?

Interest payments, and any capital repayments, are deposited by the borrower to our client money account on your behalf and you are notified by email when the credit has been booked to your account. A client money account is a bank account where your funds are kept that is separate from Trillion Fund’s own bank accounts.

To request a withdrawal, login to and go to “My Account” upper right had corner. Then select the tab “Transactions” and click on the “Withdrawal” button to complete the process. Payments by bank transfer are made within 1 business day and there is no fee or charge for this service.

Why did subsidy level changes prompt Trillion's change of direction? 

Investor confidence was damaged by a series of announcements by the Government last year and continues to be affected. Many solar and wind developers are unsure whether they can stay in business and whether the projects they are planning will still be commercially viable. 

Do any of the changes to government policy towards renewables affect existing loans which have been funded on Trillion?

Changes to Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Obligations only affect projects that have not yet been built and not operational projects already in receipt of their agreed incentive rate. Trillion loans were to existing projects and therefore were not affected by these changes. The developers did, however, taken a small cut to revenue from the removal of exemption from the Climate Change Levy for renewable energy projects. This slight reduction in revenue should not affect the borrower’s ability to repay lenders.

I would like to withdraw the money I invested in a loan on – how do I do this?

Each loan on the platform is an individual contract between you: the lender and the company borrowing your money, and they are not affected by the company's change in strategy. In general, the loans are to be held for the term of the contract, which in most cases is 3-5 years, so you are unlikely to be able to withdraw your money before the end of this period. You should refer to the offer document for details on whether your loan is redeemable or transferable and in what circumstances.